Snail Mail Corgi Butt Stamp, 1" inch

corgi butt postage stamp image on envelope
Snail Mail Corgi Butt Stamp, 1" inch
corgi butt postage stamp design engraved on handle

Snail Mail Corgi Butt Stamp, 1" inch

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This one's for my stationery lovers out there. Here's a cute alternative to postage stamps for cards we write and give to friends close by 💌 (also cute to use for travel journals/notebooks!)


  • Design is approx. 1" x 1" (2.5 cm x 2.5 cm)
  • Stamp is mounted with foam on an hourglass shaped maple wood block (easier to handle when stamping!) 
  • Red rubber is made from 100% renewable resource
  • Made in the USA

Stamp Ideas: Use 'em to decorate your planner, travel journal, birthday cards, envelopes, or to top off special occasion invitations. They make an easy craft to DIY patterns for gift wrap or note cards and can be used with other stamps like thought bubbles, checklists, and mailing address labels.

Stamp Care: Dab stamp with alcohol-free wipes or a damp towel with soapy water after use. Store when dry.

Terms: Purchasing a stamp indicates your acknowledgement and agreement to the full purchasing terms.