Anticapitalist Corgi 4x4" Mini Print

A drawing of a corgi wearing glasses and a red cape, holding a pointer to text that reads 1) you are worth more than your productivity, 2) loving yourself is an act of resistance 3) resting is imperative 4) tax the rich

Anticapitalist Corgi 4x4" Mini Print

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Inspired by ideas from Indigenous, Disabled, Black and Brown folks who have continued to shine a light on the harmful effects of capitalism, ableism, and white supremacy on our minds and bodies. We can stop accepting the commodification of "self care" and start a collective fight for liberation from these harmful systems. To learn more I recommend following Tricia Hersey of The Nap Ministry and Andrea Alakran of The Comrade Closet.

These mini prints are perfect to put on your wall, pin up to a cork board, or tape on your notepad as daily reminders!


  • 4x4" Giclée Mini Print
  • Printed with archival, pigment inks on FSC certified matte white 110# cover stock.